Nevada Mining Experience and International Courier

Gary Anderson, President of Eureka 47-79 Corp., got his start with Crabtree Mint in Paradise, CA as a courier to the inhouse refinery in Azusa, CA southbound caring 1,000 oz., silver bars, northbound returning with 1oz ingots and 5 & 10 oz silver bullion bars.

Who hasn’t owned the Sodaville Custom Ball Mill just south of Mina, NV. Shortly thereafter with a small crew blowing holes in the desert floor and delivering the crushed ore to H&R Block and Caterpillar our $100,000 a week partners, driving past Candelaria a Gold/Silver ghost town so isolated that it was cheaper to buy bourbon than water before passing Tonopah & GoldField, NV., in route to Las Vegas, NV..

After a few years opened International Vaults, in the capitol city of California a private vault storage and safe deposit box rental company insured by Lloyd’s of London, and took over the vault business in Paradise, CA., while mining with Ross Box, 235 backhoe etc and purchasing gold nuggets out of Fairbanks, Alaska and Dawson City, Yukon Territory, expanding into Brasil as a courier flying gold placer fines out of Serra Pelada to Heathrow Airport Red Zone, selling to Johnson Matthey Royston, England.

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