Wise men over eons of human history have taught us not to put all our eggs in one basket. I am watching very carefully the wisdom and selection of Mr. Gary Anderson in filling his basket and hope to select the same for my growing cup...Like this page and any other Mr. Anderson posts and your selection process will be simplified.

Ron Schmidtplan

Washington State

When you want to buy any Silver or Gold coins, check out Gary's website and call him. He is one of the most honest people I know on the planet, and I am grateful Gary housed us while we were in Reno in 2012/2013. He is very knowledgeable about a lot of areas of business, including of course gold and silver

David R


Our tribe has met Eureka on several special occasions with our chartered aircraft and the service at Atlantic Aviation RNO and the security was exceptional, thanks to everyone



Our trust company has purchased numerous times from Eureka as they have a great wholesale price to the banking industry.



I have purchased Gold Bullion and Bags of Silver over the years from this Eureka boy, you should too

Don H

Portland, OR

The team at Eureka 47-79 Corp spent a lot of time with me to understand the Silver and Gold market. After a few months I did an IRA transfer with Gary.



My Son is in China, so I purchase Silver and Gold from Eureka 47-79 Corp., for my son, I highly suggest you use Gary and his staff for your precious metal sales needs.


Vancouver, WA

We have purchased and sold to Eureka and find their BID/Ask Spread very fair

Ed S

Beaverton, OR

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